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Boasting a varied and concentrated musical background, Bob Henley III's musical foundation began first in the world of gospel and church music, where he was first able to explore his vocal talents. Throughout his formative high school and early college years, Bob had the chance to perform with an eclectic number of musical acts, choir groups and jazz bands. He is a true tenor with a powerful vocal range. He is also a gifted bandleader and choir director, as well as a masterful keyboardist and percussion player. Bob received his technical training from Kennedy King College and Roosevelt University, both located in his hometown of Chicago, where he also had the opportunity to study privately at American Musical College and Chicago Musical School. He also attended the prestigious Grambling College. He was the bandleader and vocalist of his own touring group, The Swamp Boogie Band, for many years. The band earned a rewarding gig touring Japan by earning the distinction and the prize in Chicago's Battle of the Bands. Bob also got the chance to tour with The Outer Drive Band, which was recognized as the winner in Chicago's Pepsi Music Challenge. In 1986, he released his own single through Epic Records entitled Let's Hold On To What We've Got. Bob toured for over a decade with the legendary musical artist, Smokey Robinson, and had the pleasure of appearing on many of Robinson's award-winning albums. For the past few years, he has been on tour with Richard Street's Temptations, Damon Harris' Temptation Review, and the famed band, LTD, as well as having appeared on various other artists' albums, including Nancy Wilson, Carl Anderson, Curtis Blow, Rodney Franklin and Roberta Flack.

On the recent release of his brand-new CD, Love's Having A Party!...

It has been a journey putting this album together and indeed a labor of love. I've enjoyed this journey and am hoping that you will too. It is fitting that the album be called Love's Having A Party!, as it reflects the idea of love as we engage in it in everyday life. You know how you feel when love first hits - it's oh, so wonderful!!! But, sometimes, love's having a party and just passing by... Here's to hoping you enjoy the ride that takes place in this album.

Peace & Love Always,

PS: Let's spread the love...

To listen to a one-minute sample of each track from Love's Having A Party!, simply click on the links below. For a downloadable lyrics booklet in PDF, click here.

1. Didja Ever Dream Of Me (4:28)
2. I'm Living Tonight (5:04)
3. We Found Easy (4:59)
4. Love's Just Passing By (5:08)
5. Come On, Dance With Me (4:36)
6. Do U Wanna (4:54)
7. Evil Greed (5:43)
8. Party Heavy (4:38)
9. Sprinkle A Little Love Dust (4:26)
10. Back To Love (4:46)
11. I Dream (Oh Oh Oh) (4:24)
12. The Light Of Love (4:43)

Executive Producer: Sally Champlin
Produced By: Bob Henley III
Songs By: Bob Henley III & Sally Champlin
Lead & Background Vocals Sung By: Bob Henley III
Photography By: Scott Alan Humbert
CD Packaging & Site Design By: Jason Frazier
Engineered By: Bob Henley III at BH III Studios
Album Mastered By: Carmen Grillo
Musicians: Bob Henley III (keyboards, keyboard bass, keyboard drums, percussion), David K. Scott (guitars), Tim Anderson (tenor saxophone)